Get Your Septic Pump Installed Properly

We'll make sure your septic system runs efficiently

If your home is hooked up to a septic tank, a septic or grinder pump contributes to the efficiency of your system. For example, wastewater from appliances flows into a grinder pump's tank. When the water reaches a certain level, the grinder will do its job by creating a slurry before pumping the liquid out into the septic tank or sewer system. A septic pump works on the same principle, but without the grinder.

George L. La Plante Inc. installs pumps in:

  • New construction sites
  • Basements
  • Yards

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We'll get your pump up and running

For new construction installations, we install the pump into your predrilled hole. We'll make sure everything is running properly, and that it's certified and inspected during the initial startup. For outdoor pumps, the tank must be buried below the frost line.

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