Don't Let Your Septic System Grind to a Halt

Don't Let Your Septic System Grind to a Halt

Get grinder pump repairs in the Troy, NY area

When your grinder pump isn't working like it should, George L. La Plante Inc. can take care of the repairs. Located between your home and the septic tank, a grinder pump grinds down waste before it's pumped into the tank. Common problems with grinder pumps include:

  • Blockages from dirt or debris
  • Clots from silt that slow down the pump
  • Jams from freezing pipes and liquids

Because these pumps are located underground, you want a professional to handle problems when they occur. Call 518-238-1852 today for a free estimate on your grinder pump repairs.

We'll restore your property after finishing the repairs

To reach your pump for service, we use a small septic trunk to pump out the system. Once the debris is removed, we'll service your pump as needed. Afterward, we can haul in gravel and dirt to fix the areas that were dug up.

Contact George L. La Plante Inc. for the septic pump repairs you need in the Troy, NY area.